Three Programs. One Philosophy.
Welcome to Off Road. Where fitness is affordable, sustainable and attainable.

We’re committed to providing real fitness for real people. Here, you can expect to gain strength, endurance, power – and your best you. At Off Road, you’ll find top-notch instructors, classes designed to push you to new levels in each and every session. Come ready to sweat, to push yourself to new limits – and to have fun while doing it.
Come take it Off Road.
This isn’t your average spinning class. At Off Road, we BIKE. REAL cycling with REAL power – BIKE your way through 30 or 50 minutes of flats, hills, and sprints purposfully designed by Off Road COACHES to maximize your burn. Not only do you BIKE on best bikes with the best metircs, you do so to the most immersive sound, light, and video experience in the city!
A non-stop knockout style boxing circuit workout, in Off Road BOX once you glove up, its time to HIIT hard and move fast.  This one of a kind boxing workout incorporates alternating rounds of bagwork, footwork, and padwork designed by professional fighters to ensure a workout as intense as stepping in the ring!
Build strength. Build endurance. Build Power. This strength & power focused class uses TRX suspension straps, kettlebells, and more to help build and tone muscle. BUILD can stand alone as an effective full body workout OR can be a great compliment to BIKE or BOX.