What's this Bike, Box, Build thing?
Off Road is three fitness programs with one philosophy: affordable, sustainable, and attainable fitness. We provide the highest quality classes for any fitness level. If you are training for an Ironman or haven’t exercised in a while – we have the place for you. Our community is open and diverse and is ready to welcome you in.The BIKE program is based on REAL indoor cycling with REAL power. We have data-driven Stages bikes to give you feedback on how hard you are working. Off Road instructors are always certified in at least one cycling program and are driven by music, power, and knowledgeable coaching.The BOX program is circuit-based boxing at its finest. You will learn boxing technique, punches & kicks, and combinations as well as defensive moves and footwork. This class fits it all in. From heavy bags, to speed bags, to pad work, to strength – you get it all in this jam-packed 50min workout.The BUILD program is Build strength. Build endurance. Build Power. These strength focused class uses TRX suspension straps, kettlebells, and more to help build and tone muscle. We guarantee you will leave feeling challenged and motivated, ready to come back for more.
I have heard a lot about weights on bikes and pushups on bikes. Does Off Road do this?
No. No. No. That stuff doesn’t work. Off Road prides itself on providing a challenging and safe ride to every client that comes in our studio. None of the instructor certifications or national programs approve of weights on bikes and pushups on bikes as a safe OR effective workout. Our rides are built on strength training and coaching to maximize your time on the bike. Want real full body results? The three programs – BIKE, BOX, and BUILD are guaranteed to show you the results you want. REAL results.
I’m not in the best shape. Will I feel comfortable at Off Road?
Absolutely. Anyone can benefit from a class at Off Road. Although our coaches will encourage you to give it your all, the intensity of the workout depends on how much you put into it. Off Road is a team environment and no one will feel uncomfortable. BIKE, BOX, and BUILD classes are a great way to get fit AND stay fit!
Do I need special shoes or clothing for classes at Off Road?
Nope! All of our classes require sneakers and comfortable clothing. That’s all you need! After you’ve fallen in love with indoor cycling you’ll want to take it to the next level and purchase cycling shoes with SPD clips for the most efficient ride. Any of our instructors or front desk personnel can tell you more about cycling shoes when you are ready to try them.
How do I find out if I get into a class off the waitlist?
In order to receive an auto-email that notifies you that you have gotten into a class off the waitlist you must enable email notifications through your online account. Otherwise we can’t email you! So just go into your profile and hit that button. Then the moment a space opens up – you get an auto-email to let you know!
When should I arrive?
Please arrive early! We encourage clients to arrive ten minutes before their scheduled class. If you are scheduled for a boxing class, we will not be able to help wrap your hands unless you arrive ten minutes before class. If you are scheduled for a bike class we will not be able to set you up on the bike unless you arrive ten minutes before class. Thanks for arriving early!
Do you have showers/lockers?
We have change rooms at both locations and showers at the Capitol Hill studio. In addition both studios have cubbies for storing any personal items.
Do you provide towels?
Yes we do! A fresh Off Road towel will be provided for your class. In addition if you are showering at the Capitol Hill location you can rent a full-sized bath towel for $3 at the front desk.
Do you rent cycling shoes?
Noooooo. While we highly recommend clients consider buying cycling shoes, no two clients have the same feet. Cleats must be installed on a shoe in proportion with the foot to ensure you are riding on the balls of your feet. Rented shoes can mean you are riding in a way that can cause injury or be uncomfortable. Plus it’s not a bowling alley so why share someone else’s sweaty shoes?
Can I rent Off Road for a party or office event?
Yes you can. Email tali@offroaddc.com to find out about our charity fundraising classes, bachelorette/birthday rides, group classes for cycling clubs, sports teams and corporations.
Why do road and mountain cyclists like indoor cycling so much?
Typically, and especially during the colder months, cyclists will train indoor to get the conditioning they need despite weather conditions. It also is a great way for cyclists to fit in a workout even if they don’t have time for a three-plus hour ride. Now, with Off Road, cyclists can come train with a group and get the next best thing…oh, and have a great time doing it.
I've never taken an indoor cycling class before. What should I expect?
You’ll love it! We know trying a new fitness class can sometimes be intimidating but not at Off Road. If it’s your first class, arrive early and let the front desk staff know that it’s your first visit. An Off Road instructor will then take you through a brief orientation to get you ready for the ride of your life. Want to talk further? Email Tali at Tali@offroaddc.com anytime.And remember, Off Road is great for all fitness levels; our instructors will lead you every step of the way.