Off Road is so much more than a place you trudge through your workout or a fitness cult. I really value the “exercise science” knowledge of the instructors, their willingness to help you understand the WHY and the studio’s commitment to the DC community. It’s great to see a local business thriving in this world of mega-studios, high priced merchandise and branded everything. It’s even better that the classes kick ass!

It’s kind of like the Cheers bar… that friendly, neighborhood place where “everyone knows your name.” But seriously – the instructors make it personal and remember faces AND (bonus!) the workouts are AMAZING (I’ve gone other places with leaderboards and killed the competition after doing off road workouts). Can’t imagine a better place for cycling / HIIT / everything.

“I started working out at Off Road a little over a year ago after struggling to find a gym or an exercise program that I really liked. I was initially drawn to Off Road because I loved how close it was to my apartment, its small size, and the fact that it was women-owned, but it was the warm welcome and sense of community that turned me into an Off Road regular. I love how Tali, Tammar, and all the instructors are constantly looking for ways to keep things new and exciting (and the competitions certainly play to my competitive side!). I have lost weight and gained strength in the last year, but more importantly, Off Road has helped me make fitness a part of my life and daily routine.”

You have done an amazing job at creating a fun, welcoming space to work out and I love being able to support a local, women-owned gym. I have never been a “gym person” or even really an athletic one, but I now find myself looking forward to work outs before the sunrise which is pretty much a miracle. I joined Off Road last summer after bouncing around from other gyms that weren’t quite the right fit for me, and since then I have lost 20lbs and gained so much more confidence in my athletic ability (not to mention newfound strength)!

Off Road is the best! You guys have a knack for picking really wonderful instructors–no matter the class. I’m never worried about trying new classes, workouts, or instructors, which isn’t the case at every gym. Oh, and the front desk staff is totally awesome too 😉 Thanks for soliciting feedback and always working to improve the experience for all of us.

It’s a great place to be. So positive. Always feel great there. Get my workout with awesome, encouraging instructors, friendly regulars, leave exercised and fulfilled and excited for more.

From Day 1 everyone at Off Road was so welcoming and helpful! I also really appreciate the emphasis on personal growth/pushing yourSELF to meet new goals, etc. versus other places where they do things like show people’s times, etc. on the wall. I understand the value of that, but I think Off Road works because never once do I care what the person next to me is doing – I just have fun, and I always feel like I’ve pushed myself to the limit by the time the class is over. Also, this might be the cheesiest thing ever to say, but I really do love that the owners do things like share group photos of the class, etc. Maybe some people are shy about that kind of stuff, but I’d bet for most people, it’s kind of cool to see that stuff on social media because it serves as a reminder that you’re achieving something just by taking the class. As someone who’s had chronic stomach problems for years, I know there are probably a LOT of people who come to places like Off Road DC and it actually takes a lot for them just to get there (not to mention we all have work and LIFE interrupting our routines!)… so, even on the days when I look down and my RPMs haven’t hit the target or my “calories burned” hardly offsets the Clif bar I ate beforehand, having owners/instructors who really get us psyched/feeling proud for what we’ve just achieved makes a difference. And, extra kudos to everyone for achieving this during the 6:30 a.m. classes!

“I first came to Off Road in Fall 2013, drawn by its small size and that it was a relatively new, local, and woman-owned business. A few months in, however, I was sidelined by the flare up of a chronic condition. Almost two years later, I returned to Off Road needing a fitness routine I would enjoy and stick with to build myself back up. In the (almost) year since I have returned, Off Road has been a lifesaver for me. I can’t recommend Off Road enough, and I do, often, to everyone I know!”