What is ‘BIKE VX’?


BIKE VX is Off Road's signature indoor cycling class using a performance tracking software powered by Stages Flight. Stages Flight enables you to track and record ALL your workout activities. View and review your data to follow your progress. The system is based on power -- YOUR power, measured in REAL WATTS. At the beginning of every VX class, you will take a short (3-4min) "RED ZONE" test which will tell the system what YOUR working zones look like for the rest of the ride. After the test, the ride will be based on hitting your zones. The zones will be illustrated by a profile on the screen as well as cued by the instructor and each rider can see what zone they are in simply by watching their own 'gauge' on the screen. It is NOT a leader board. It is NOT a you vs. anyone else. The ride is you vs. you. Hitting YOUR zones, testing YOUR limits, riding YOUR ride.